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Committed to Student Success

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The Campus Stores support Student Success in many different ways! Here’s how we do it…..


We have what you need to be successful at FRCC!

  • Textbooks, textbooks, textbooks! These are offered in a variety of forms, depending on what your instructor wants you to buy.
    • Hard cover books are available for purchase, and many are available to rent for the semester!
    • E-books are available via access codes you purchase to access the book and related course materials your instructor may require. Other e-books are available for various titles of books and are available on the shelf next to the shelf tag. You can rent these for the semester!
    • You also may have an e-book required for your course and you’ve paid for it with your course fees on your student account. You will be notified about these from your instructor.
  • Supplies like pens, highlighters, notebooks, folders, calculators, and study aids!
  • Technology! This includes laptops and printers, and accessories such as USB drives and hard drives, headphones, keyboards, and mice
  • Food, snacks and beverages to keep you going!
  • FRCC clothes to show your FRCC pride! And FRCC memorabilia and general gift items!


Saving Students money on textbooks!

  • Rent books for up to 60% off the new book price! Students saved $362,000 renting books this year!!
  • Rent or buy used books rather than new books! Students saved $312,000 on used books this year!!
  • Course fee e-books at a lower price (charged to your student account)!! Students saved $30,000 this year!
  • Assist faculty with open educational materials for their classes that are free! Students saved $28,000 this year!
  • Rent e-books off the shelves and save up to 25%!!
  • Comparative shop on the textbook pages to see what other retailers are selling your book for! You can even order directly from them via a link out from the store’s website! More information is available here.



  • Order from the store our website – pick up your order FREE in the store!
  • Sell books back at the end of the semester!

Questions? Call us or email us!